Partner Restorative Yoga Workshop

Bring your BFF, spouse, Mom, Dad or your special person and join us for a memorable class. This gentle, partner themed, class will blend basic yoga and restorative postures. We...

 4:00 pm
 February 17, 2017

Journey Through The Chakras

With Sangeeta Vallabhan. In this workshop, we'll begin by discussing what is represented at each chakra and which asanas specifically awaken and move energy at each level to work towards...

 4:00 pm
 February 10, 2017

Rock and Roll

With Tzahi Moskovitz. In this inventive workshop we will explore, in a playful way, transitions and connections between different yoga poses. Challenge and improve your balance, strength and proprioception. Deepen...

 1:30 pm
 January 26, 2017

Regenerative Cellular Therapies Lecture

FREE Educational Lecture by Thomas Agesen, MD, New Jersey Regenerative Institute. Meniscus Tears? Avoid surgery and live pain free. Non-surgical solutions for sports, spine and orthopedic injuries.       MORE INFORMATION

 8:00 pm
 September 14, 2016

Hips, Heart, Hands

With Ellen and Andrea. Open up to expand out. Join us for an afternoon of delicious hip opening and an exploration of accessible hand balancing. Learn to achieve a better...

 1:30 pm
 September 24, 2016