Online Classes

Be part of Satsang’s virtual community. Roll out your mat, wherever you are and click on the links below to access our initial offering of streaming classes — any time you want to practice.

Be sure to look for more videos in the coming days.

Flip and Flow with Julia Ruth Dillon

Explore different ways to approach handstands, physically, mentally and emotionally. Investigate progressive movements with a sense of play using tools that build confidence.

Breath and Relaxation with Sangeeta

Sangeeta guides you through the art of stillness on the mat.

Energetic Flow with Erin

Move with Erin through a delicious handstand prep series.

Short, Seated Sequence

Stay low with Andrea as she moves you through a sequence of seated poses.

Easy Beginning Flow

Andrea leads you through the perfect warm-up. This short sweet flow focuses on grounding through legs and opening up through the chest and heart.

Move Through Grace

Ellen and Andrea move through a classic Satsang flow.

Sun Salutations: ABC

Ellen and Andrea lead you through the three traditional Surya Namaskar A, B and C. The Sun Salutations are a great way to get your body moving and your mind connected.

Wednesday’s Wisdom — Standing Poses

Move with Andrea through a sequence of standing poses to keep you grounded in  topsy-turvy times.

Wisdom, Relaxation and Dharma Talks

Breath Meditation Lotus

Donna guides you through a new breath meditation.

Yoga Nidra

Donna guides you through a yoga Nidra practice.

Breath Meditation Apana in Ascension 1

Let go of all your stress as Donna guides you through a breath meditation.

The Invitation

Andrea reads one of her favorite poems.

Dharma Talk with Claire

Claire shares how she is coping with isolation and restrictions.