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Class Descriptions

Satsang offers a wide range of classes. Overall, it’s important to know that in a class you take at our studio, you won’t be asked to push past your healthy physical and mental limitations — but you will break new ground nonetheless and discover your fullest potential.



The perfect place to start. This class focuses on postures, body alignment and breathwork. Feel the many benefits of yoga and feel your body come alive.


Bliss Hour

Not enough time for yoga holding you back? Bliss Hour provides a 60-minute yoga practice that is satisfying and effective. All levels welcome.


Energetic Flow

Intelligently sequenced classes that move at a slightly quicker pace. This class will challenge, support and surprise you. A well-rounded practice that will leave you satisfied and relaxed.


Hatha Flow and Meditation

Enjoy the flow of physical postures, breathwork and meditation. Explore your abilities boundaries with acceptance and grace. Perfect for all levels and will leave you feeling strengthened, renewed and energized.


Restore and Renew

Release, relax and reconnect. Slow flow precedes a long and luscious letting go into supportive props. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


Satsang Flow

(Formally Basic Flow) This class explores many of the aspects of the practice from sun salutations to inversions. This moderate pace class is perfect for all levels.


Satsang Open

This class is for anyone with a solid foundation and ready to dive deeper into the world of yoga. Each teacher has their own style and provides a unique experience.


Satsang Teens

For students grades nine and above. This class is designed to strengthen you both physically and spiritually. Through a playful, yet purposeful yoga practice, students will develop a sense of body awareness, learn techniques to de-stress and relax while building a solid foundation in the principles of yoga.


Sunrise Flow

Start your day with this 60-minute practice. Challenging and effective, Sunrise Flow will strengthen and tone your hot spots, increase endurance, enhance flexibility, and bring balance into your life.


Zen Momma Prenatal Yoga

Connect with your body and your baby in this specialty class. Enjoy a special practice where you can address the constant changes to your body during pregnancy while also learning tools for childbirth and in your journey as a parent.


Ongoing Series:


Playtime with my Little Yogi

While playing together, we will use props like: balls, scarves, pinwheels and pom-poms that will help build strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Through poses, games, partnering, storytelling and music we will learn to release the “sillies” and find the “calm”. Get ready to have fun.


Satsang Kids

In our kids series children are introduced to yoga through music, games, stories and play. Enjoy a fun, creative approach to movement, meditation, breathwork and relaxation in our safe, supported environment your child will learn to self-soothe, manage stress and express themselves on and off the mat.


Yoga for Middle School Girls

Yoga, the answer to your prayers as a parent and the prayers of your child. A place for teens to go, unwind and understand their bodies from the inside out. they learn how to navigate through all of the challenges and changes that happen to their bodies. they can be creative and take chances in a safe environment surrounded by peers who offer support and encourage. This is our mission in Tween Yoga at Satsang Yoga and so much more. Give your child the gift of yoga. “Let go of the backpack, quiet the mind and smooth out the breath”.